Universal Anchor Limited provides professional training services for companies and organizations that strongly desire to develop their human capital. We also cater for the needs of individuals who are on a quest for self-development and capacity building. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of world-class training solutions covering an array of courses on Sales and Marketing Management, Business Communication, Negotiation & Persuasion, Team Building & Conflict Resolution, Grooming & Business Etiquette as well as Customer Service Excellence.

We do not teach some touchy-feely principles that are impractical, but potent concepts, principles, ideologies that have been thoroughly researched and guaranteed to deliver the expected performance transformation within your organization
Our training services are carried out as in-plants and open courses.

Inplant Training Services:
We can tailor an existing course to your exact needs and if you desire a bespoke training program that targets a specific training need within your organization, then you should be talking to us. We incorporate real life data and case studies to make our courses very ideal and transferable to the work place. We infuse practicality into our programs and strive to ensure that training interventions meets your desired requirements. Every in-plant training program includes as standard:
Pre-course assessment to ensure the course is fully tailored to objectives
Full printed course materials for future reference
Personalized time-bound action plans to help delegates commit to their development  
Post-course assessment to monitor impact and ROI

Open Courses:
We have a calendar that depicts an array of courses we run annually through subscription. This also shows the date, time and location for these training programs. Our open courses allows participants to benefit from our carefully selected learning environment which stimulates potent knowledge transfer, networking with other participants and engaging atmosphere where issues and specific challenges can be discussed in details.

To help find the training course please request for course directory/calendar and brochures to register and book a seat team members will call you back to discuss your requirements in greater detail.